Austin Grandt
Entrepreneur | Chicago | 21 Countries

Austin is the co founder of Export Abroad, a big data startup out of Wisconsin, and Trip Dojo. Before his most recent ventures, Austin worked as a baggage handler with a major US carrier where he learned the ropes of the travel industry. You can now find him scouring travel blogs and travel hacking to travel the world for cheap.


  • Destination - Tokyo
  • Airport - HKG
  • Airline - American
  • Playlist -

In Austin's bag

Herschel Weekender Bag

Herschel Weekender

I carry the Herschel Weekender because it fits my needs. I tend to pack light and this is a durable bag that can fit enough clothes for a few days trip. I love the shoes pocket because it keeps my dirty shoes away from all of my clothes.

Warm Hoodie

A Warm Hoodie

I mostly dress super casual where I wear a lot of t shirts and jeans. I always make sure to carry at least one hoodie as planes tend to be very cold and you need to dress in layers when traveling. I recently checked my hoodie in my bag from Costa Rica and was stuck in a very cold airport for 3+ hours!


iPhone, Kindle, iPad

I carry ALOT of electronics. I work remotely from my computer most of the time so being connected is key. I sometimes carry a go-pro if I'm headed on vacation, but mainly use my iPhone for work. Anyone who reads a lot should be carrying a kindle. It saves a TON of space and the battery lasts forever.



I always carry Verticalm with me because I can get periodic vertigo. Nothing is worse than being on a plane and feeling sick so I make sure to have a few tablets with me anywhere I go. It can also be a quick substitute for dramamine if you're going on a boat!

Stamped Penny

Stamped Pennies

Me and my girlfriend collect stamped pennies. Yes, the ones you get from ultra touristy areas. It is a small item and we keep a jar of them at our house. I'm not super into souvenirs so it is a great memento to keep from a trip without taking up too much space.

Born for This Book

Currently Pouring Through: Born for This

Born for This is a new book by Chris Guillebeau. I'm a big fan of his and have read a lot of his stuff in the past so when I got my hands on this book, I immediately threw it in my bag. I've currently read it twice and am going through a third time to take notes.